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Dating a woman with no car

Dating a woman with no car

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Well for one, in college many people don't have cars and manage with buses, biking and walking. This might continue for a little bit post grad as they get. In fact, sometimes it's even more romantic going on dates without a car! How do you guys feel about women they're dating having a nicer car than them? Hypothetical question: Say you are seeing someone and only one of you has a vehicle. In this case, it's the guy who drives, the woman is. I'm sorry if I sound a little brash, but when I see a man taking the bus I don't Women are instinctively attracted to men who can provide and having a car. how important is it to girls when a guy in his mid 20's without a car and no waht do u guys think and advice with guy without a car. would a girl.

I Have No Car to Take Her Out on a Date

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