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Cube entertainment dating rules

Cube entertainment dating rules

Within your entertainment industry, there are many other groups that are under your label, one of them being the cube entertainment dating rules Pentagon — the group that Kim Hyo Jong was once part of. Pentagon is one of the cube entertainment dating rules successful group within Cube entertainment, and Hyun ah is one of the most successful female solo artist in the Korean pop culture. The group and Hyun ah both earn lots of income for the industry, and helped the entertainment industry be known.

Following the days of the news being out, the stock price of Cube decreased by 6. Once Cube saw their stocks going down, it was clear that they almost immediately backtracked, by saying that their decision was still not final, even after confirming it multiple times. Please consider that not only will this affect them, but it will also affect others who know them on a personal level, and most importantly, you: the company itself, Cube entertainment.

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when will more companies like cube & pledis get rid of their dating "bans"? like, Doesnt Pledis have a rule that you cant date within the group? Sm entertainment does not have a dating ban as a lot of things sm artist do is. When singer HyunA parted ways with Cube Entertainment after going public with her Let them date or marry who they want they're e. From A to Z of idols' dating ban, each company's rule and idols' tips to hide it from company and fans! Jun HyoSung Pledis Entertainment. At the height of her fame, the American singer's dating life was a key Cube Entertainment, under whom they had been performing together as. Idols HyunA and E Dawn kicked out from Cube Entertainment for dating'. that they should be treated differently, with rules confining them.

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