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Dating a married man during the holidays

Dating a married man during the holidays

A week before Christmas, I decided that sticking out the holidays together for the sake of convenience was worse than breaking up and having to change plans at short notice. At first, I felt like a terrible person doing it so close to the holidays, but it was nice for us to be with our respective families while we were dealing with the breakup.

Nora, 23 "It was my senior year in college and I had been seeing this guy since the end of summer. After dating a string of non-committal guys it was refreshing to finally be with someone who liked making plans in advance and sticking to them. He also talked about how he would miss me and wished we would spend the holiday together instead. There was no way I would make myself miserable on my favorite holiday.

I was about to turn the bigso I thought about my life and what I wanted it to look like over the next year. Taniya, 28 "I was dating a guy for a few months that I wanted to get serious with.

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Falling In Love With A Married Man, 2 Do's And Dont's!

“It wasn't until we'd been dating for a couple of weeks that I discovered LOUELLA, 41, has had a series of affairs with married men since her own Now separated, she has no regrets but admits the holidays can be tough. During the holidays or special events, married men are hardly free to mingle because getting away from their wives and family won't be so easy.

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