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Non negotiable dating list

Non negotiable dating list

These are the attributes you must have for me to even consider dating you! so there!

Once I had all my personal issues that I was ignoring and two, I was subconsciously running everyone through a checklist. I was advised to first write down a list of all the things I find attractive in a woman my normal checklist and to then narrow the list down to the top 3—5. That line was then to represent that the above would be considered non-negotiable, but anything to fall below would be considered icing on the cake.

Below I non negotiable dating list share with you my list so that you can see it first hand for reference to help you write your own. Spirituality connect with God, Christian, and Capitalist. Adventurous spirit that is willing to try anything once Shares a spontaneous spirit Enjoys country music since this is my go-to genre At the end of the day, the list is rather short and to the point since I believe love can be found anywhere given that both individuals are willing to work together for the greater good.

Or maybe you are questioning if the person you are dating is “relationship Your non-negotiable list is different from your “what I”m looking for in a lover or. If you keep dating the same guy with a different face, it's time to create a non-​negotiable list. Here's how.

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