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Chinese dating app on play store

Chinese dating app on play store

Badoo - A new Badoo's feature allows users to name a celebrity they'd ideally like to date and the app will find matches who look just like them. Smell Dating - This company will send a shirt to its members that they have to wear for three days without deodorant, and then mail it back only to be sent shirt options from other people who did the same thing.

The scent they like the most will then be revealed and contact details exchanged on the app. Cougar Dating Expert Lucia joins Cougared.

InApp Annie reported that Momo was the number 2 non-game app of in terms of revenue.

1 Tantan 探探 – The Chinese. 2 Palpitation* – 心跳 – xīn tiào – Based on Interest. 3 «Let's have dinner»* – 请吃饭 – qǐng chī fàn – The most efficient for meeting-up. 5 Heartbeat* – 心动 – xīn dòng – Safe app for young students.

China’s online dating: Love is only a click away

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