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Dating on earth quote google

Dating on earth quote google

All uses of Google Maps and Google Earth content must provide attribution to both Google and our data providers. Attribution information will appear automatically on the content if you: embed an interactive map using the HTML provided on Google Maps ; use one our Geo APIs to create and embed a custom map in your website or application; or export a. Here, Maxar Technologies is the data provider: In Earth Studioattribution is automatically generated for each frame when you render and watermarked onto the exported image.

The automatically generated Google dating on earth quote google and data provider attribution may only be removed or obstructed if reintroduced in a visible form elsewhere within the content for example, in a photo caption below a Google Earth or Earth Studio still. Note that Google logos cannot be used in-line for example, "These maps from [Google logo]. Attribution to both Google and our data suppliers must appear on-screen for the entire duration the content is displayed.

Please refer to our permissions page for specific guidelines on using Google Maps and Google Earth content in film or television. We cannot provide contact information, but may we recommend a Google search.

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